Who are we?

Our enterprise is made up of a team with several qualities.

Digital Development

A team that is looking forward to provide the best service in our platform, to bind support to consumers and farmers.

Avant-garde Update

Our world is facing accelerated changes in all its facets, so we update ourselves to adapt to new demands.

We solve challenges

Challenges do not slow us down; on the contrary, they motivate us to find efficient and sustainable solutions for them.

Always ready

Within our corporate values, the willingness and commitment to serve our customers stands out.

Our History

One of the greatest challenges facing the world is ensuring food security. We identify that the production process is inefficient and polluting. The origin of our founder comes from farming families and that motivated him to find solutions to problems faced by farmers. So he developed a new production model that favors the farmer, the consumer, the environment and the animals.

  • Increased producer income 85% 85%
  • Waste reduction 70% 70%
  • Mixed crops 60% 60%
  • User Satisfaction 90% 90%
Camilo Andrés Ramos Salazar

Camilo Andrés Ramos Salazar


Bogotano, raised in Boyacá, with origins in Huila and Antioquia. Dreamer, graduated from Universidad del Rosario, specialist in finance, MBA and master in project management. He has 10 years of experience in the financial sector. But most importantly, he is a defender of animals and care for the planet. Respecting his origins he created this business model.

Margarita María Salazar Palace

Margarita María Salazar Palace

Solidary, hard-working, intelligent and very commercial, she is the person who has believed most in this project, her contributions are always strategic to achieve the mission of our organization, she has extensive commercial experience in the private sector. Her professionalism, charisma, sense of humor and kindness are some of the attributes that describe her as a great woman with the ability to lead teams and projects. Her experience and creativity were decisive factors in achieving the structuring and constitution of this company.

Fernando Ramos Benavides

Fernando Ramos Benavides

It is characterized by its tenacity and quick reaction in making decisions. Mathematician, calculator and accountant by profession, more than 35 years of experience in the financial sector and consultant to several firms. He has managed to conquer his dreams, overcome the limits that life has placed on him, distinguishes himself from others by his positive energy and good humour. It is normal that he is always seen with a bright smile and a willingness to help.

Ema Benavides Serrano

Ema Benavides Serrano

101 years of experience, 16 children raised in the company of her husband Miguel Angel Ramos Trujillo, farmers, artisans and bakers. She instilled in her family the values of respect, responsibility and collaboration, among many others. She is the inspiration for this venture, her wise advice is the greatest asset we have in the company. His kindness is one of the attributes with which he wins people's affection. He works tirelessly for justice and social development. 

The company is made up of a team that brings together people from these three generations where they contribute: vision, experience and wisdom.