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Buy two watermelon plants, our farmers plant them and you will get the product of the harvest.

This crop has an average duration of 4 to 5 months, it is important to take into account that they are short term crops and only one cycle, so you will get the product of your harvest during the time of production, when the crop stops being productive you no longer have any product, property or right over the plant (since it ceases to exist).

Remember that you are buying seeds, plants or bushes and you will get the harvest from them, the cost of transporting the harvest of your products is on your account (it will be calculated according to the weight and volume of your product at the time) and is not included in this value.

Refreshing, tasty and sweet, it provides almost 90% of water, it is an excellent form of hydration.

One of its particularities is that it contains many nutrients, such as vitamin A, B, C. While among its minerals stand out potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron and phosphorus, among others. It helps regulate the body and the immune system.

We have the ideal farmers and farms located at the optimum temperature for the sowing of watermelon, which is 24°c-29°c. We always want you to enjoy the best quality products.

With your crop you can decide what to do from the following options:

  • Own consumption: Fresh and quality products are sent to the customer's address, from the field to his home (shipping is paid by the customer).
  • Sell the crop: People may prefer to sell the crop according to the market prices and conditions at the time and thus can make a profit.
  • Donate: You can also donate food, which will be directed to low-income populations.

You can choose one or the options you want.

The average product harvested per avant-garde watermelon plant is 6 Kgs of watermelon.


*Average production may be subject to changes due to weather conditions, pests or events affecting its development. We are not responsible for crop losses (frost, drought, flooding, pests or force majeure).
** Average price of the market in which we took as reference sales prices of stores, supermarkets, websites, among others.

Additional information


Provides lycopene
Watermelon is famous for containing lycopene, the antioxidant pigment that gives the fruit its red color. And this is good for protecting the heart.
As we've already mentioned, watermelon, along with melon, is one of the fruits with the most water. Therefore, besides being one of the summer fruits, it is recommended during this time because it is one of the healthiest ways to hydrate yourself.
Another benefit of watermelon is that it is fat-free and low in calories. Although it has some sugar, it is lower than other fruits, so it is a good and very healthy fruit.
Thanks to the lycopene and water it contains, this fruit is highly antioxidant. This fact is fantastic to mitigate aging and repair some wrinkles of our skin that arise from the passage of time.
Although it has less fiber than other fruits, its amount is important. Fiber regulates our digestive system, prevents constipation and makes us feel better inside and out.
Watermelon can also help reduce the pain that occurs in certain muscles when we exercise.