Sowing and harvesting from the comfort of your home.

Change the way you acquire your fruits and vegetables, now you can grow them here.

Welcome to the new way of producing your food, now you can be a Virtual Farmer. 


Sow virtually

Thanks to our system, we eliminate barriers so that anyone who wishes to plant can do so. 

You don't need to have property, employees, knowledge or time.

Just log in, buy the crop you want and you're a Virtual Farmer, our farmers do it for you!


Who can be a Virtual Farmer?

Any person who wants to plant from one plant to hectares in a virtual way for their own consumption, investment or donation. You buy it from our platform, our farmers plant it and you get the harvest.

Planting virtually?

Thanks to the technology, we developed a software in which we facilitate a new model of agricultural production that benefits producers (Farmers) and consumers (Virtual Farmers), the people who buy the bushes get their harvest. 

What do you need to sow?

It's very easy, select the products you want to grow, pay them digitally and we make sure that our Farmers make the process of sowing, growing and harvesting a reality. The person who bought the seed, bush or tree (Virtual Farmer) gets the result of the Harvest.

Over 100 local farmers.

With the payment you make, we manage your crop with production processes under quality practices.

We take care of the entire production system, including the value of the land, the seed, the inputs, the labor and the profitability of the Farmers.


100% Environmentally Friendly

The products are grown in an environmentally responsible manner. It is in our interest to reduce environmental pollution.

Associated Farmers

Sown plants


Look at the most recent cultures.

As you know, some crops are stationary or seasonal, so we may be adding new products for you to plant, depending on the season. These are the latest products added.

Check out the wide variety of crops you can grow.

Do your farming!

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